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What is Vascular Frontiers?

Bayer AG is committed to supporting independent science and clinical investigations. The 2018 Vascular IIR Research Program is a competitive grants program designed to fund research on the mode of action of rivaroxaban in the area of vascular protection. Successful proposals, as evaluated by an external review committee of renowned experts in the field of cardiovascular disease and thrombosis, will be awarded a grant of up to €250,000. Click on the tabs above for full details of applicant eligibility criteria (including areas of research eligibility), deadlines and how to apply.

Vascular IIR Research Program rationale

Rivaroxaban, a non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulant that directly inhibits Factor Xa to prevent clot formation, is approved for use across several thromboembolic indications. Evidence suggests that rivaroxaban has synergistic effects on platelet activation and the platelet–coagulation pathway. Literature further supports a role for Factor Xa and thrombin in coronary/peripheral artery disease (CAD/PAD), based on involvement in cellular activities including inflammation, cell proliferation and tissue remodeling. Our mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the mode of action of rivaroxaban in vascular protection, in order to optimize appropriate use in this new indication and potentially discover new applications for use.