Eligibility criteria

The following types of studies will be considered for an Vascular IIR Research Program grant:

  • Clinical studies involving adults aged >18 years
  • Laboratory research, including ex vivo, in vitro and preclinical models

Eligible areas of research

The Vascular IIR Research Program review committee will consider proposals for research projects that address the mode of action of rivaroxaban and/or the involvement of Factor Xa or thrombin in vascular protection in one of the following areas, related to CAD, PAD or heart failure (HF) with CAD:

  • Athero-inflammation and cell signaling
  • Atherosclerotic plaque development
  • Atherosclerotic plaque stability
  • Atherothrombosis
  • Cardioprotection/myocardial remodeling
  • Cytoprotection/apoptosis
  • Endothelial dysfunction
  • Platelet activation and aggregation
  • Synergistic antiplatelet and anticoagulation effects
  • Ventricular remodeling
  • Biomarkers in CAD, PAD and HF with CAD

Non-eligible areas of research

Areas of research NOT eligible for an Vascular IIR Research Program grant include:

  • Patient populations where the risk of rivaroxaban use is greater than the benefit
  • Use that is contraindicated according to the local label recommendations for rivaroxaban, e.g. pregnant and lactating women
  • Use of dosing regimens outside of the local label recommendations for rivaroxaban
  • Repetition/duplication of research, including any phase III trials or studies listed for rivaroxaban in clinicaltrials.gov
  • Proposals previously rejected by Bayer

Additional submission criteria

  • The 2018 Vascular IIR Research Program is open to global investigators
  • All research must be conducted in accordance with the global and local regulatory, legal and ethical guidelines, including posting on a clinical trial registry where appropriate
  • Investigators and/or their affiliated institutions assume responsibility for all aspects of the study, including design, regulatory approval, initiation, conduct and monitoring of the study, as well as for the analysis and publication of study results
  • The awarded grant will match the study budget requirements up to €250,000; in exceptional cases, a higher budget may be considered
  • The principal investigator is not receiving or will not receive any other sources of funding for the submitted research proposal
  • The study must start within 6 months of contract execution, and results should be available within 1.5 years of study initiation; in exceptional cases, studies of a longer duration may be considered
  • All funded research should merit submission to scientific meetings as an abstract and subsequent publication in a peer-reviewed journal